Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Global Trends in Engagement: Plot Spoiler?

Conventional wisdom is sometimes right.  The recent discussions in this blog are being validated, according to Mercer’s 2010 Attraction and Retention Survey.

The Financial, which is an English-language Georgian newspaper, has provided a very early summary of the Mercer report.  This is an admittedly unusual source.  However, since the Mercer report is scheduled for release in September, I read it with interest!  Past Mercer surveys have been of large global companies.  

The report, which was published on June 29, may be a plot-spoiler for Mercer.  Key points: 
  • Fewer companies (3%) are planning broad reductions in force, compared to a year ago when 15% were making such plans 
  • A great majority of companies are concerned about losing valuable talent—especially R&D/scientific engineering and sales, followed by information technology and executives/top management.  A pick-up in voluntary turnover is expected by 62% of respondents 
  • Companies are measuring engagement in a variety of ways.  Surveys are most common but focus groups, on-line forums and informal conversations are also used 
  • About half of companies (47%) have seen an increase in engagement in the last year.  While the summary indicates this is good news—I am more level headed.  Strictly speaking, half the companies have seen an increase.  I suppose the other half are unchanged or have gone down!
Charley Morrow

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